Since 1994, Identifier Corporation has been providing services that are targeted to the arts and entertainment industry. As a company, we realized that the strategic marketing of identity in both real and virtual space was fast becoming a necessity in the arts, Honing our proprietary strategies with new technology at the turn of the millennium, we have been able to offer a highly sophisticated range of services. Our goal is to provide an alternative, more attractive identity.

Our Story

Starting in 2010, Identifier Corporation will be expanding its unique and proprietary database infrastructure, to allow for Identifier names to be created on the fly, by anyone. Call it the democratization of fame! We take the same amount of care and concern with each customer that we always have with our top-shelf clients. Using their newly assigned ID, each client is able to access our database, to create a user profile associated with the ID. With this last piece of the puzzle in place, the ID is ready to circulate in real life, seamlessly integrating with social networking spaces.


Identifier Corporation main headquarters are located on West 46th street & Broadway Avenue, New York, New York 10036 Our telephone contact is 646-801-6216. Google Map or Satellite offices are located in Japan and (the former) East Berlin.


Slater Bradley

Ryan Trecartin

Olaf Bruening


Consultation Services

In the near future we will be launching a unique service for our clients. Once you have your new name and log into our system, you will be able to create a new artist identity using a variety of software tools. Once you have honed your online identity. We can offer you a variety of art consultation packages, centered around Skype. You will have the opportunity to talk to some of the most famous artists, curators and art directors in the world to help you reach the goals that you are pursuing to become an artist.

Identity Creation

Identifier Corporation manages a unique and proprietary database that allows for customized Identifier names to be created. It's a unique process, and we take care and concern with each client. Our database does an in-depth search for each client's new ID, basing it on web statistics. Each client will be able to access our database, to create a user profile that they can use in all facets of real life, including seamless integration with social networking spaces. In the near future you will be able to access our your account using your new name through a still-wider array of ICT tools, helping you to create a unique identity, an artist CV, a list of affiliation representing you, and the social scene in which you take part.

Next-Level Identity Consolidation

In the near future you’ll be able to visit our online store for an assortment of products to help you embellish your new identity. If you like the new artist name that you’ve been assigned, you will have the option to purchase this name tag in a variety of on-demand physical formats: Posters, mugs, hats, T-shirts, stickers, and giclée prints to desirable size will be shipped directly to your door!


Artists want to have unique and one of a kind names for social and virtual interaction. It is safe to say that the majority of people that require an identifier name will want to merge their new name with a chosen social scene, Identifier services as well social networks like: Facebook, Myspace, Gmail Buzz, Twitter, Webster 3.0, FourSquare, and 9 Lives. Our vision guarantees that the clients social and virtual names will produce a unified idenity that will streamline anomity in reality as well current and future virtual spaces. Go ahead make a name for free. Just enter your birth name and email.